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Mar 15th – 2017
Customer/Supplier Contacts Update:

Under Customer/Supplier Contacts the following new fields have been added:

  • Alternate Email Address
  • Direct Number
  • Birthday
  • Contact Notes
  • Address: With option to copy over company address
Customer/Supplier Contacts Update:

Under the Mobile interface you can now Add/Update and Delete contacts:


Features Updated:


Jan 15th – 2017
All About Checklists

Based on feedback we have modified the way Call Note Checklist items are setup and deployed within the CRM.


Release Checklist items within a Date Range:

Checklist items can now be released within a given date range. The Checklist item will not show under Call Notes until the Release Date or after the End Date.

Note: If date range does not apply and the item should be always available, the date range can be left blank

Checklist Date Range

Link your Checklist item to a Document:

You can now link a Checklist item to an uploaded document within the CRM. This is will give the sales rep instant access to an assocaited flyer for example linked to a checklist item.

Checklist Document Desktop

Checklist Document Mobile

Release Checklist items within Call Notes by Customer Type and Customer Location:

Checklist items can now be released by Customer Type and/or Customer Location if required. These Checklist items will only show in call notes for customers that fit the type and location criteria selected.

Checklist Type Location Desktop

Checklist items Last Checked:

Going forward when creating a Call Note for a customer, the Checklist items will show a Last checked date if the Checklist item was checked for the customer.

Checklist Date Checked

Features Updated:


Oct 15th – 2016
Call Notes Search Update

Additional options now available to search the Call Notes created within the CRM. You can now search by Customer Location, by Keywords entered in the Call Notes and by Reason for Call.


Searching within Customer Call Notes:

The option to search call notes within a customer profile is now available.


Features Updated:


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