CYLINK 3.0 e-Store Released for Modern Sales Members

We are proud to launch CYLINK 3.0 for Modern Sales Members currently using Epicor ERP Jobber systems.

CYLINK 3.0 introduces the following updates to the CYLINK e-store platform:

  • Virtual Inventory: Going forward Modern Sales Jobbers can display inventory from Modern Sales distribution centers in addition to their own.
  • Lost Sales Reporting: Installers will now be able to report lost sales online by product and location
  • Service Intervals: The Installers will now have access to Service Interval data by vehicle
  • Industrial Catalog: The new Epicor itemExpert catalog will now be available to your costumers online.
  • iNet and Web Docs pass through: Members on the Eagle and Vision system will be able to provide online access to invoices, statements and credits to their customers.

Contact us to inquire about the how CYLINK 3.0 can benefit your operation. For more details on the CYLINK e-store please click here.